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Our vision

We love the African wild and love to take care of this paradise

Our mission is careful, respectful and sensitive care for this territory yet untouched by civilization and located at the border of Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Protection of flora and fauna as well as the provision and acceleration of help and development of the local communities are our key priorities, whether at the National, Provincial or Local level.

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Fall in love with Gonarezhou

... and here are a few basic facts

The Gonarezhou Transfrontier Park in Mozambique is one of the largest private parks that neighbors to the Gonarezhou Park in Zimbabwe. Gonarezhou Park offers you the experience of returning back to true wilderness untouched by civilization. Elephants, rhinos, hippos, lions, cheetahs, buffalos, antelopes, zebras and other countless animal species live here in the gorgeous environment.

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Gonarezhou Photogallery

Nature in Gonarezhou is so beautiful and we know it...
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Where we are?

... and you’ll never forget the way back         Map

GTP is seeking Sponsors and Partners

Date: 17. 7. 2012

Gonarezhou Transfrontier Park would hereby like to address all potential Sponsors and Partners who are interested in the co-creation, management and organisation of the Park. The selection procedure f...


The number of GTP employees keeps increasing

Date: 10. 7. 2012

Gonarezhou Transfrontier Park has again increased the number of its employees. In June, already 200 local inhabitants were employed by GTP. These positions mean a huge opportunity for local inhabitan...


Work also continues in the Mavue Campsite

Date: 9. 7. 2012

The campsite in Mavue has changed beyond recognition in recent weeks. Work is being completed. Visitors will soon be able to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Individual lodges with spectacular vie...

        People in Mavue

People in Mavue

Date: 5.10.2011

  It’s almost unbelievable how cheerful and friendly the local people are here. They may be unsure upon first con...

        Among elephants

Among elephants

Date: 1.7.2011

Among elephants: My experience from the Gonarezhou Transfrontier Park   Just recently I have returned from my sigh...

        How we met elephants

How we met elephants

Date: 7.3.2011 | Author: Martin

We went to Gonarezhou Transfrontier park to see some elephants and it was one of the best trips to the nature in our liv...


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